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The NFL was full of World War II veterans in the late 1940s, of course. But the Eagles, just a few years removed from merging with the Steelers for a season due to wartime manpower shortages, had a roster loaded with men just back from the European and Asian theaters.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Quarterback Tommy Thompson earned a Purple Heart on the beach at Normandy. End Pete Pihos won both the Bronze Star and Silver Star as an infantry lieutenant. Center-linebacker Chuck Bednarik flew 30 bombing missions over Germany as a waist-gunner in a B-24. Fullback-linebacker-punter Joe Muha was an artillery lieutenant at Iwo Jima.Coach Greasy Neale gave his combat veterans a wide berth when it came to discipline; he figured General Patton covered that part of their training. With the help of speedy young running back Steve Van Buren, Neale’s Eagles stormed the NFL in 1948 and 1949.Jerseys For Sale.The 1949 team topped the league in points and points allowed, winning a series of 38-7 and 42-0 blowouts before blanking the flashy Los Angeles Rams, 14-0, in the NFL Championship Game, the Eagles’ second straight shutout in a title game.

A countdown of the greatest teams in pro football history needs little introduction.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.You are about to meet an amazing collection of Super Bowl champions, undefeated teams, teams that led the league in offense and/or defense, teams that captured imaginations and defined generations.There is one ground rule to keep in mind. To prevent this from becoming just a countdown of 1960s Packers, 1970s Steelers and recent Patriots, each team chosen casts a five-year “shadow.” So the 2004 Patriots also represent the 2003 Patriots, the 1998 Broncos represent the 1997 team, and so on.There are still multiple great Tom Brady Patriots teams and Steel Curtain Steelers on the list, despite the “shadow” effect. And multi-season dynasties get a boost in the rankings over teams that rose and fell quickly.China Jerseys.But no matter how much time you spend encyclopedia crawling and stat crunching (including Football Outsiders’ historical DVOA estimates), comparing great teams across decades and eras is an inexact science.

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