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Tech companies and NFL quarterbacks have a surprising amount in common.While tech stocks carry outsized influence, often dictating the direction of the whole market, professional football teams are also at the whim of their signal-callers.Authentic NFL Jerseys.The market would crash if tech stocks started failing — the dotcom bubble anyone? — just like how an injury to an NFL team’s starting quarterback usually spells certain disaster.Now, as the NFL season approaches, many casual football fans are trying to get up to speed on which players and teams to watch. And there’s no better place to start than with the guys who are throwing the passes.Below is a breakdown to help make sense of it all, with a special focus on the tech companies that best embody some of the league’s most notable quarterbacks.Throwback Jerseys.

Cheap NFL Jerseys China.It was a busy weekend around the NFL (but unfortunately no Zeke news), and we’re here to tell you the Fantasy impact of Willie Snead’s suspension, New England’s acquisition of Phillip Dorsett and other NFL roster moves.There’s much more on this episode of the Fantasy Football Today Podcast, and we’re even bringing on our Senior NFL Writer Will Brinson to give some unique Fantasy perspectives.Whether you’re looking ahead to Week 1 or still prepping for your draft, today’s episode will be perfect for you.Make sure you subscribe to our Podcast for free and never miss an episode on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play or anywhere else you listen to Podcasts.Cheap Football Jerseys.

Cheap Sports Jerseys.The Minnesota Vikings renovated an offensive line that sputtered through last season, seeking better balance with their potentially dominant defense.The Detroit Lions brought in new blockers, too, aiming to revive a dormant ground game and give franchise cornerstone Matthew Stafford more support.The Chicago Bears traded up for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the second pick in the draft, solidifying a long-range strategy.Ambitions and hopes are high, of course, at this time of the year. The long-term NFL optimism around the Great Lakes states inevitably took a bit of a hit on Aug. 3, though, when Aaron Rodgers made clear his disinterest in retirement or departure from the Green Bay Packers anytime soon.The NFC North competition sure can’t count on a reprieve from these twice-annual matchups against one of the league’s best.Cheap Jerseys From China.

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Cheap NFL Jerseys
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