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Power rankings weren’t going to turn upside down either way following Los Angeles Rams’ Thursday Night Football matchup with the San Francisco 49ers to kick off Week 3.Wholesale Jerseys.The two sides played in an offensive thriller—quite the change of pace compared to the season’s first two weeks—with the Rams coming away the victors 41-39 behind a trio of passing scores from Jared Goff.Two rebuilds at different stages aside, power rankings remain in catch-up mode as would-be contenders have already dropped games and others have emerged as threats to take their place.Below, let’s take a look at projected power rankings after Thursday’s showdown before the weekend kicks into high gear.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.

The rest of the 2017 slate of games features a three-week stretch of the Patriots traveling to Tampa to play the upstart Buccaneers, the Eagles playing the Panthers in North Carolina and the Chiefs playing the Raiders in Oakland, which could be one of the best games of the early season.Cheap Football Jerseys.The schedule kind of goes downhill after that, minus an intriguing matchup between the Titans and the Steelers in Pittsburgh in Week 11.The schedule leaves something to be desired, but it’s not the only problem. Teams playing on Thursday night have three days less to prepare than they would if they were playing on Sunday, and, more important, three days less to recover physically. The 49ers on Sunday endured a knock-down, drag-out defensive battle within the home stadium of one of the toughest teams in the league. It was one of the later games on Sunday too.Cheap Jerseys.They can’t be expected to be at their peak on such short rest. Neither can any team that played 60 minutes of football four days earlier.

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Blame is being assigned to everything from reductions in practice time to the aging of some of the game’s better quarterbacks to the deterioration of offensive line play to rosters composed of cheaper, younger players thanks to the downward pressures of the rookie-wage scale.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.But there is another significant culprit, and it’s one that’s often mentioned in passing, assuming it’s even mentioned at all: Defenses have gotten better, and the NFL may right now be going through one of its periodic cycles in which defenses become dominant.Scoring through the season’s first two weeks is down 2.4 points, or roughly 11 percent, compared to last year. Per ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, the league’s per-team average of 20.3 points is also well below the 22.3 points teams were scoring in Weeks 1 and 2 between 2010 and 2017. But scoring in the NFL had been trending upward in recent years; as Barnwell also pointed out, the scoring rate is the highest for any decade since the 1970 merger by more than a full point.Jerseys For Sale.We’re noticing a lack of offense because we’ve grown accustomed to seeing so much offense, but the phenomenon of offensive dominance is a recent one.

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