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The Titans’ helmet is now the team’s primary navy blue color — formally white with two navy blue stripes. It has one two-toned silver stripe, which mimics the sword from the franchise’s logo.Like the helmet, the shoulders on the jersey feature the two-toned silver in the shape of a sword. cheap nfl jerseys.Fun fact: This is the first time Nike has utilized two-tone coloring on jerseys.The numbers on each jersey are shaped to mimic the Northeast corner of Tennessee as the state appears on a map. Also, the red accents, like the red stars on the inside back of the neckline are similar to the stars on the state flag.When asked to describe the uniforms in one word, Titans general manager Jon Robinson said, “fierce.””I think that’s the type of football team we want to be,” Robinson added. “We talk about being tough, we talk about being dependable, we talk about having a team-first mindset, but the fierceness within a player to go bite a guy’s throat is what we want to be.”wholesale jerseys.Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, linebacker Brian Orakpo, tight end Delanie Walker, safety Kevin Byard, defensive lineman Jurrell Casey and tackle Taylor Lewan walked onto the stage to reveal the uniforms.

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We now know the Philadelphia Eagles will hold on to those beloved all-black uniforms, but what’s going on with bringing back the ‘Kelly Green’ jerseys? There’s a near-unanimous sentiment growing in the fan base. cheap authentic jerseys.It doesn’t appear that anyone would complain if the Eagles reach back a little and add an alternate jersey that’s a lighter shade of green.When Nike took over as the NFL‘s outfitter, many knew that meant changes were coming. Look no further to what they’ve done when they’ve had the opportunity to get their hands on the jerseys of quite a few of the college programs. No one thought they’d turn the 32 NFL franchises into the Oregon Ducks, a team that seems as though they have 100 different jersey combinations. Most of us did, however, expect Nike to spice things up.There are a few creative hurdles Nike’s had to work with changing the look of so many NFL teams. Enter the ‘one-shell’ rule.The NFL, which some have often referred to as the ‘No-Fun League’, employs a one-helmet rule. authentic nfl jerseys.Eagles chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie has pushed for the option of adding a second helmet.If the NFL listens to Lurie’s request, that would add fuel to the collective fire and desire for a ‘Kelly Green’ uniform. There’s no sense in wearing the Midnight Green helmets with a lighter-colored jersey right? Still, until that day comes and the rule is changed, this is where we are.

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